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My holy JHWH -- lol. no figurati non voglio farti morire di infarto tutti i satanisti di Internet li voglio soltanto stressare! lol. ok! mi fermo!
Achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE quindi la NATO è FUORI] achtung nazi Merkel tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [ QUESTO è GIUSTO SOLO I SATANISTI FARISEI ILLUMINTI SPA FMI BANCA MONDIALE FED BCE SONO STATI AUTORIZZATI DA SATANA A RUBARE IL SIGNORAGGIO BANCARIO DI TUTTI I POPOLI ] 8 May 2014 12:24. US classifies Bitcoin as terrorist threat. The digital currency bitcoin is a possible terrorist threat suspects the US Department of Defense. The Defense Department is conducting a counterterrorism program investigation of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and other new technologies including smartphones and social media to better understand if they pose security threats. Its Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office that analyzes terrorism and irregular warfare capabilities is spearheading a program that will help the military understand how modern technologies could pose threats to national security the International Business Times reported. Recently an unclassified memo by the CTTSO was obtained by Bitcoin Magazine which suggested what areas should be looked at to determine the level of threat virtual currencies actually pose.
A memo detailing some of the CTTSO projects states "The introduction of virtual currency will likely shape threat finance by increasing the opaqueness transactional velocity and overall efficiencies of terrorist attacks" as reported by Bitcoin Magazine according to IBTimes. The anonymity offered by virtual currencies is a top point of concern for law enforcement as the transactions are public but the people involved in the operations are unnamed. The founder of Bitcoin Ross Ulbricht was arrested in October 2013 and indicted in February. Prosecution alleges he was operating Silk Road a black market website that allowed its users to buy and sell drugs and other illegal goods and services anonymously. The site could only be accessed through the Tor anonymizing service and the deals were made using a bitcoin-based payment system which also enabled users to conceal their identities. In January federal charges were made public against Robert Faiella and Charlie Shrem the CEO of the bitcoin exchange service BitInstant. They have been accused of operating a bitcoin exchange business in connection with the ongoing investigation involving Silk Road. And in February Mt. Gox a top bitcoin exchange suddenly filed for bankruptcy claiming that hundreds of millions of bitcoins were stolen. Accordingly the Pentagon's CTTSO has called for research into the "anonymizing software" and "Dark Web" or corners of the internet not indexed on normal search engines. The agency views anonymous networks like TOR as a convenient path to traffic drugs humans and weapons of all sorts. The CTTSO's mission against potential threats also demands "methods and means to systematically discern and display 'precursors of instability' in the Dark Web." CTTSO is concerned that anonymous networks are a way to successfully traffic drugs weapons people and nuclear tech under the radar. Bitcoins according to the business site can allow illegal operations with the speed of the Internet but with the secrecy of a cash deal. The CTTSO is also researching Android Motorola social media and virtual reality for their potential to be used in terrorism campaigns the International Business Times noted. However Treasury Department probe found no evidence of bitcoin being used to finance terrorism but the anonymous nature of the transactions still has many law enforcement officials worried. Pelle Braendgaard the CEO of Bitcoin wallet Kipochi explained in an interview that the cryptocurrency can actually help governments better understand what's happening with their economies since every transaction is recorded on the block chain unlike when using real money when no one has a clue where the money ends up. During the US Senate hearings on Bitcoin FinCEN director Jennifer Shasky Calvery told Congress that "…cash is probably still the best medium for laundering money." At the end of the day at this juncture Bitcoin poses an almost inconsequential security risk to what those who seek to curb money laundering for the purposes of national security and drug prevention mostly because of the market cap for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is still in the early days of its life; the market cap of Bitcoin is shy of $6 billion (and the market cap of all other alt-currencies is certainly shy of $2 billion). Globally it is estimated that there is around $5.5 billion laundered each day. While the potential disruption of Bitcoin is great it's barely a blip on the radar when it comes to
Achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE quindi la NATO è FUORI] achtung nazi Merkel tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità Nazionale! 8 May 2014 US asks court to lift ban on Russian rocket engine purchases. A US court prohibited United Launch Alliance which is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing from using Russian rocket engines on May 1. "United Launch Alliance is prohibited from trading with Russian engine manufacturer NPO Energomash" the ruling of the court says. However the ruling isn't applied to contracts and purchases made up to that date. The ruling was issued after a private company SpaceX filed a lawsuit. It claimed that the US Air Force handed over a contract to United Launch Alliance which buys rocket engines from Russia without conducting a tender. Sanctions imposed by the US against Russia because of the situation in the Crimea became a formal ground for SpaceX to apply and make a case in court. In particular SpaceX thinks that the purchase of Russian engines might violate sanctions against Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin who is in charge of Russian defense industry.
However the US Department of the Treasury and the US Department of State assure that the sanctions against Rogozin don't affect the deals for buying Russian rocket engines. The contract signed by United Launch Alliance with Russian-American Company "RD-Amros" stipulates that Russia provides the US with 36 "RD-18"rocket engines. The court's ruling is partially based on the appeal of the US Congress to design American rocket engine that will work on fuel. However companies such as Orbital Sciences that also uses Russian rocket engines were against this.
The Pentagon said earlier that it would reconsider the use of Russian rocket engines "RD-180" in Atlas launch rockets because of the Ukrainian crisis. Vladimir Solntsev Chief Executive of NPO Energomash said last August that stopping the supply to the US could lead to the shutting down of the venture.
12 March US firms warn Obama of economic losses if sanctions on Russia take effect. US firms are warning Obama that they will suffer huge economic losses should sanctions be put on Russia. These groups have cautioned Congress along with the Obama Administration that unilateral action executed by the US would put tens of billions of dollars of US trade and investment in jeopardy. Business officials claim that they have been caught in the middle of the swift-moving US foreign policy and their interests in a market so many have been keeping their eyes on with energy being the most important of sectors to watch. Huge corporations like PepsiCo and General Electric among others have verbally made clear that their interest and involvement in Russia is key to their global strategic plan.
In all actuality it seems like aggressive investing has paid off for one company with PepsiCo earing $4.8 billion in the country during the 2012 year. The company has become the largest food and beverage provider in the Russian Federation. General Electric has partnered with two Russian companies to create gas turbines in Rybinsk. Even Boeing a top aerospace company is one of the top US exporters to Russia.
Relations like these have been put in jeopardy should the crisis escalate or if the Obama Administration promises to slowly but steadily make it more difficult for Russia's economy to flourish. "What we've been hearing from our members is a lot of concern that there are two ways America gets hurt in a game like this. One is by American sanctions that put them out of business and the other is by Russian retaliation regardless of what we do" said William Reinsch president of the National Foreign Trade Council according to a Washington Post article.
During closed door meetings with Congressional members and the Obama Administration "we have not been shy about telling them— if it is not multilateral it is not going to work" Reinsch said according to The Washington Post. Business groups have reacted in this way as officials in the White House and politicians think about the possibility of using economic levers in an attempt to reverse Russia's steps into Ukraine.
In an initial move the White House froze assets and denied visas to a select portion of Russian officials. The Foreign Affairs Committee also gave the green light to a nonbinding resolution which condemns Russia's movement in Ukraine and requests for sanctions to be put on top level Russian officials state-owned financial institutions and other state organizations.
The resolution requests that America pushes for an increase in natural gas exports to make their way to Ukraine. That method is seen as a way to help break Ukraine away from Russia as its main gas supplier. Not surprisingly this has captured the attention of conservationists and US businesses that rely on the cheap fuel supply and are in opposition of the export idea.
It is believed that sometime this week the Senate Foreign Relations Committee plans to think up its own Ukraine legislation according to Senator Democrat representing New Jersey Robert Menendez who is the panel's leader.
Ex-US ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul noted several corporations which be left in a vulnerable state if sanctions were brought into the picture. According to the Washington Post McFaul said for Severstal "a well-respected [Russian] steel company with lots of investments in the US and Europe this can't be good news for you." He also mentioned that Exxon Mobil "has just signed up for what would be the biggest venture in the history of capitalism" with Russia's Rosneft and said the firm has "got to be very nervous." However McFaul did make it clear that "having said all that I also think that Putin will be ready to make those economic sacrifices if he wants to go forward with this annexation strategy."
For US companies Russia is a vital country in their global business strategies. "If we are unable to expand our businesses in emerging market and developing markets…as a result of our investments particularly in Russia as a result of economic and political conditions …our financial performance could be adversely affected" PepsiCo said in its 2012 annual report.
Achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE quindi la NATO è FUORI] achtung nazi Merkel tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale!
8 May 2014 US sanctions against Russia hit West and US knows it. Sanctions against Russia imposed by the US hit the West and the western companies Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen said ahead of the third round of discusiions of the possible new sanctions against Russia. Cohen acknowledged Wednesday that sanctions are also inflicting pain on companies in the United States and Europe.
Cohen also said that the US is aware that the sanction hit Europe and that the European countries are more exposed to Russia's economic slowdown caused by the sanctions. On Wednesday ambassadors of the EU states met to discuss additional sanctions against Russia but failed to come to an agreement as they fear this move could hurt European business. In addition the US acknowledges that any additional sanctions against Russia help the country's economy to recover. This statement was made by US Senator from South Carolina on Monday.
8 May 2014 Russia's Foreign Ministry points to NATO's Secretary General's poor eyesight. Russia's Foreign Ministry suggested NATO's Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was "blind" after he wrote he had seen no signs Russia is withdrawing troops from Ukraine's border Itar-Tass reported on Thursday. The conclusion arrived after Rasmussen's statement appeared on his Twitter microblog directly contradicting what President Vladimir Putin reiterated earlier in the day during his meeting with the OSCE acting head and Swiss president Didier Burkhalter. "We have been told that our troops by the Ukrainian border are a concern – we have withdrawn them. They are now not near the border but at locations where they conduct regular drills at ranges" said Vladimir Putin. "We suggest that the blind familiarise themselves with the May 7 statement of the President" Itar-Tass reported the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying.
achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE quindi la NATO è FUORI] achtung nazi Merkel tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! I CANNIBALI SATANISTI CANNIBALI AMEN ]
22 March Malaysian MH370 may have been remotely hijacked – Prof Kevin Barrett
Download audio file. The mystery continues into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Could it be that the crew and everyone on board were incapacitated by hypoxia and the aircraft flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel or according to Professor Kevin Barrett the plane could have been remotely hijacked using something called the Flight Termination System developed by a company run by Dov Zakheim. Dr. Barrett believes that the same group that was involved in 9-11 and used this system may also be behind the flight's disappearance.
Whether an assassination an airborne kidnapping for interrogation or perhaps the fact that the spare parts of a 777 aircraft are apparently worth over $100 million the mystery will not be solved until the plane is located the search continues. Hello this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Dr Kevin Barrett he is a Doctor and a Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies and the co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth. He is also the owner and manager of This is part 4 of a longer interview you can find the previous parts of this interview on our website at PART 1
PART 2 PART 3 Robles: You deal with theories sometimes I do. This Malaysian aircraft that went down I think it was 289 Chinese citizens on board and the CIA came out with one...they said it was 'possibly a terrorist attack'. Is that somehow as an expansion of the war on terror into the Asia-Pacific region? Barrett: I don't really know what is behind this tragedy with this Malaysian airline flight. We did just publish an article on this that went viral and in my article I pointed out similarities between some of the very strange aspects of this incident and that of 9-11. Yeah on 9-11 and with this Malaysian flight we had planes suddenly lose their transponders there was no emergency squawk from the cockpit and that only takes about a second or two.
So there is no way that a hijacker can get into a cabin and they are not going to squawk the emergency hijack code. And there is no way that something catastrophic is going to happen and they are not going to squawk that emergency beacon. So something completely inexplicable happened there. These planes on 9-11 and this plane in Malaysia veered wildly off course transponders went off and then basically just disappeared off the face of the Earth as far as we know. And then there were cell phone anomalies in both cases. In the case of the Malaysian plane we had lots of family members of the passengers as well as the company people calling the crew who reported that the cell phones were ringing well a couple of days I believe after the plane disappeared which means that the cell phones must have been switched on and they must have been near a cell phone tower that means that this plane cannot have gone down in the water. Now in 9-11 we had famous cell phone anomalies there were 15 reported cell phone calls from passengers from hijacked planes then in 2006 the FBI admitted that at least 13 of these alleged cell phone calls never happened. Robles: It wasn't possible I'm sorry at that time in history it wasn't technically possible to make cell phone calls from aircraft right? Barrett: Well that's right. Yes. The original story was there were 15 cell phone calls most of them from altitudes of 30000 feet or so which was technically completely preposterous. So that is why in 2006 the FBI changed the story.
And in the biggest cell phone anomaly is the alleged call from Solicitor General Ted Olson to his wife Barbara Olson who is a famous TV commentator both of them were Bush regime members. Ted Olson was in fact the guy who argued Bush into power in 2000 before the Supreme Court.
Ted Olson on 9-11 said that his wife called him from hijacked Flight 77. He told several different stories about it some days he said it was a cell phone some days he said it was a seat-back phone. He said he talked to her twice once for several minutes. It turns out that that was lie the FBI in 2006 confirmed that there was no conversation. The FBI said there were two attempts to call Olson's phone and that both of them lasted for zero seconds. So the FBI confirmed that Ted Olsen lied when he claimed that his wife called him from aboard a hijacked plane.
And there are many other cell phone anomalies as well but these are just of a surface level one. So we have these really interesting parallels between the two events. And ultimately I think the most likely hypothesis for what happened on 9-11 may also apply to this Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which is that in both cases we are probably dealing with remote hijackings. It seems that on 9-11 the commercial airliners were remotely hijacked.
Robles: For listeners can you tell us exactly what you mean by 'remote hijacking'?
Barrett: Yeah there is a system for taking over a plane from a location that is not on the plane. You can either do it from the ground or you can do it from another aircraft. And there was a system developed called The Flight Termination System developed by a company run by Dov Zakheim. Dov Zakheim is a radical Zionist who was head of the he was the controller of the Pentagon in charge of the Pentagon budget up through 9-11. And he managed to lose $2.3 trillion of the Pentagon's money during that period. Zakheim's company created The Flight Termination System which allows you to take over planes from either the ground or from another plane. So for various reasons researchers looking into 9-11 think that the most likely hypothesis about what happened that day was that commercial airliners were remotely hijacked by people using Dov Zakheim's Flight Termination System or something like it. They were probably landed at military bases and drones were then used to attack the targets. So the planes that we saw flying into the World Trade Center were almost certainly remote-controlled drones.
This Malaysian 370 plane also appears to have been remotely hijacked because all of the systems stopped working the pilots were unable to squawk an emergency request for help and as I said that only takes one second. So if anything happens a pilot always squawks that and there is even a code for hijacking which takes a couple of seconds to squawk.
There was no squawking any code there was the transponders just "boom" went off and then the plane turned and flew off and disappeared just like on 9-11. So I think the most likely hypothesis would be that Malaysian Flight 370 was remotely hijacked by a person or persons unknown and the group that we know is in control of this technology and using if for nefarious purposes is the group that used it on 9-11. Robles: What would be the purpose then here?
Barrett: Well the spare parts of a 777 aircraft are apparently worth over $100 million so that might provide some motivation and there may have been people on that plane who somebody wanted to interrogate or get rid of. It is hard to say. I don't really know what the motive would be at this point but we know that quite often intelligence agencies cause plane crashes in order to kill targeted individuals who are on the plane. Robles: Sure and it could be one person right?
Barrett: Yeah they'll take down a whole plane for one person. I've interviewed Saint John Hunt whose father Howard Hunt was a high level CIA agent and his mom Dorothy Hunt was killed in a staged plane crash by CIA people. Likewise I've John Perkins on my radio show the Economic Hit Man who's talked about how his colleagues killed many heads of state in sporadic [6: 59] plane crashes. Robles: This is the Asteroids or who is this? Barrett: Yeah he calls them the Asteroids. Or they call themselves the Asteroids. Robles: You are only the second person I've talked to who knows anything about the Asteroids. Barrett: Really? More people should read John Perkins' book then. Robles: You said a $100 million for the spare parts of a 777?
Barrett: Well I'm getting that from Mike Rivero so I don't know. Robles: That is very interesting. Maybe you can give us your opinion? You've heard of Philip Marshall right?
Barrett: Yeah sure. I've worked with Wayne Madsen on that. Robles: Oh you worked with Wayne Manson on that. I talked to Wayne and he was telling me he was investigating the death of Mr. Marshall and the fact that he was working on a book regarding the Boneyard. As soon as you mentioned spare parts that Boneyard came to mind. Do you know anything about that?
Barrett: All I know is what I heard from Wayne about this. But yeah Wayne Manson believes that Philip Marshall who was an old CIA drug pilot who flew Barry Seal the most notorious drug smuggler in history all over the place back in the day and who then wrote a 9-11 truth book and ended up dying with his two children and the cops ruled it murder-suicide quite implausibly according to Wayne Madsen who flew out there and investigated. Well Wayne says that his best guess as to why they killed Philip Marshall and his kids - well they didn't mean to kill his kids – they just when the hit men showed up the kids were there so they had to kill the kids too and make it a murder/suicide. Robles: Yeah we talked about this. Wayne said that the wife was … she was out of town she wasn't supposed to have been and the kids were accidently there along with the dog.
Barrett: Yeah just how kind and gentle these people are but anyway Wayne thinks that they killed Philip Marshall because Philip Marshall had been poking around the Boneyard which is a big old aircraft graveyard with high security down in New Mexico... Robles: Arizona it is.
Barrett: Arizona yeah. And that there may be 9-11 planes still there or other clues to what happened on 9-11. Robles: The planes has always been a point of contention for me two of them – their registration numbers I believe are still active today. Barrett: They were deactivated years later after 9-11. Robles: Oh they are deactivated now. Two of them are still spotted occasionally right?
Barrett: My colleague Jim Fetzer is really big on this and he says I think there were two that were still flying around for several years but I think they did get deactivated in... Ok here it is – 28th of September 2005 the tale numbers that were Flights 93 and 175 were deregistered on 28th of September 2005. Robles: Ok that is the two we are talking about that was the Pentagon and the one that went down and in that supposedly in that field in Pennsylvania right?
Barrett: No. It was actually the South Tower Plane and the Pennsylvania plane.
Robles: Oh it was the South Tower Plane and the Pennsylvania plane wow. Ok interesting. Here is what I know this is off the record here. Just wanted to run this by you about 9-11. From what I've gathered and this is my own thinking here that maybe some of the people that were involved in it in the planning and planting the explosives and the teams that were sent to rig the buildings to collapse they may have been on that plane that was supposedly went down in Pennsylvania. I don't know if you know about the reports in Cleveland Ohio but that plane had landed and there was a television crew an ABC-news crew and they said that the plane was taxied to a NASA hanger and there was 184 people on board or something they were evacuated they were never seen again. My thinking was that was like the support staff they were taken over there and killed on that plane. But do you know anything about that? Barrett: Yeah. I think the short answer to what happened to the passengers is that the complicit ones were handed their check and their new identity in their witness protection program and the non complicit ones were killed. And yes this hundred and eighty plus people off loaded at Cleveland – that could have pretty much represented all of the alleged passengers or all of the passengers. There may have been a way that they were able to get all the passengers from these four flights onto one flight possibly because some of the passengers were complicit and a number of the people that developed The Flight Termination System for Dov Zakheim's company were apparently on these flights and there were number of other suspicious people as well. Yeah it seems quite possible that they could have killed a lot of the people who were involved in the technical end of things that way or they could have ordered them into particular places in the doomed buildings and had them locked up somewhere in the doomed buildings and then the buildings blow up. Robles: My thinking is that anyone that was involved was killed everybody. We haven't seen a big leak or a revelation or anyone come forward. Barrett: Yeah well. I don't know if they would have to kill exactly everybody but I think they have quite sophisticated techniques for profiling people and figuring out who's trustworthy and who isn't. I'm sure they would err on the side of caution probably but I think that is actually something that people aren't aware of but they should be aware of is the way profiling is done. I'm reading about this 1953 Iran coup and one of the reasons it was successful is that they went to great lengths to profile all of the key people and know what makes them tick; that way they find out who can be corrupted and so on and who can't be. And likewise with 9-11 I think the reason that the NSA started turning its equipment on the American people in spring of 2001 was to get information that profiled people and make sure that nobody with any power was going to stand up against this coming coup d'état.
And when it comes to the actual people that pull off these things I'm sure they are very carefully profiled. John Perkins says that the reason they picked him to be an economic hit man was that they caught sight of him when he lied to protect a friend but he had done something illegal - not a huge crime. But Perkins very glibly and successfully lied to protect his friend and somehow that was noticed and so they ran him through a bunch of personality tests and hired him to be an economic hit man. I think he believed and I would believe to that if somebody who had done a competent job of killing someone might very well become an Asteroid and the military also is always looking for people like with language skills they'll send you to their Monterey Language School and if your test is like 140 or 150 plus IQ psychopath then they will probably see you as material for being one of these special forces killers. And then I've heard that the banksters with their piles of the money who can pay a lot more than the military…
Robles: Mine was 182 and I know 5 languages they never took me.
Barrett: Oh yeah I know several languages too But they don't need very much to know I'm a trouble maker.
Robles: But I'm a terrible liar. I can't lie I can't even lie to complete strangers they know right away when I'm lying.
Robles: So like you are no good for the empire at all you are totally useless for them. I kind of have the same problem. I can't even fudge enough to keep my wife happy.
Robles: Yeah me neither. Oh my god. Ok I've got a very good finish here.
Barrett: So we are both stupid and incorruptible.
Robles: OK. All right take care. Thanks a lot.
Barrett: Thank you bye.
Robles: Bye-bye.
You were listening to an interview with Dr Kevin Barrett. That was part 4 of a longer interview you can find the previous parts of this interview on our website at Thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.
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achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE quindi la NATO è FUORI MMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! ] YES ALIENS ABDCTIONS AGENDA CIA NSA NWO AGENDA MICROCHIP A.I. GMOS DEMONS MORGELLONS ECC.. ] [ Google Maps spotted a weird looking object on the Moon report the Times of India on Tuesday. According to the news source triangular shaped object reminds greatly of an alien spaceship. Soon as the images appeared online various UFO sites reported that seven light dots around the edge of an object shape an alien spaceship. The space object was reportedly discovered by a so-called WowForReel who claims to be a paranormal researcher and who posted a video of the finding online. "It's unique and unusual in the area" said WowForReel in his Youtube description below the video. "After going there on Google Moon and staring at this thing for quite a long time I can say yes it is really there not faked and I have no clue what it is." At the same time Techandgadgetnews announced that huge figure seems to be a triangular space ship very similar to Stealth aircraft technology. It also added that it looks several times bigger than any airplane from Earth.
Secret KGB alien civilizations project. According information the Russians have known about alien civilizations for several decades to many this comes as no surprise there have been rumors floating around for many years. The first Russian contact with grey aliens allegedly took place in 1942. At that time a series of diplomatic visits to discuss matters of mutual concern were planned according to alleged Russian documents and a treaty was made. According to the document 072 / E at the meeting of 1961 there was an incident involving 3 subjects due to the violation of the agreement by the officers at the military base when they discovered that their arrival was filmed with a hidden device without their consent.Under the treaty 23/04 the meetings would be confidential and filming or taking photographs would not be allowed. In 1969 in the state of Sverdlovsky a UFO was reported to have crashed. It is alleged that a UFO crashed and was recovered by the Russian military. Video film is shown of the recovery with close-ups of the UFO itself. There was one dead alien found in the craft. The remains of the alien and the UFO debris was taken to a secure Russian site where the saucer was analyzed and an autopsy was done on the alien. Photo of the crashed craft that brought the small alien to Russia. The reputed event was broadcast on a TNT special "The Secret UFO Files of the KGB." The show was hosted by former James Bond movie star Roger Moore. Compelling video and photographic evidence were shown to support the event.
According to Pravda the KGB has allegedly had a special unit designed to gather and monitor all pieces of information regarding mystical and unexplained phenomena reported inside and outside the Soviet Union. Also according to Pravda a photocopy of the order shown in the TNT documentary by the Soviet defense minister looks authentic too. Pursuant to the order General A. G. Ponomarnko head commander of the Urals military district was to ensure that KGB agents be involved in the work pertaining to the UFO at all stages. The agents' reports were promptly forwarded to Colonel A. I. Grigoriev chief of the KGB scientific department. According Billy J Booth on there are unsubstantiated reports that a UFO crashed or was shot down near the city of Prohlandnyi in the USSR at on August 10 1989. Soviet military radar tracked an unidentified flying object and the Russian attempted unsuccessfully to contact the craft.. The UFO was classified as "hostile." Soviet defenses were alerted and MIG-25s flew to find and identify the UFO. There was obvious damage to the exterior of the craft. The retrieval team wearing protective outer wear moved to the site. There was a small amount of radiation and some members of the team were effected. A helicopter on the scene was hooked up to the craft and the UFO was transported to Mozdok Air Base. Russians entered the the UFO and discovered three alien bodies-two dead one barely alive. A team of doctors and other medical personnel made every effort to keep the alien alive but failed. All three of the beings were about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall with gray outer wear. Underneath their skin was a blue-green color with a reptilian texture. They had no hair large black eyes covered with a protective lid and web fingers ended their long slender arms. The alien bodies were being kept in glass containers and UFO was taken to Kapustin Yar. This information was first reported by three Russian investigators-Anton Anfalov Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov who had no documentation to support their story. Voice of Russia Times of India
NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE LA NATO è FUORI gli USA devono essere puniti!! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! ] 23 February 01:23. Anonymous Ukraine releases Klitschko e-mails showing treason. Vitaly Klischko
Download audio file. Anonymous Ukraine is battling the forces in Ukraine that are funded and directed from the West and attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government of the sovereign country of Ukraine.
Anonymous Ukraine is operating in what can only now be described as a war zone and the security measures they are forced to take are extreme. A member of Anonymous Ukraine who wishes to remain anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia about the operations and the recent release of e-mails between Vitaly Klischko and the Lithuanian Presidential advisor. The e-mails show that Klitschko was intentionally planning to destabilize the country is being instructed and funded from abroad and has his accounts in Germany. Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous Ukraine.
The Anonymous Hacktivist Collective worldwide is partially divided on the issue of Ukraine. This has to do with the western mass media propaganda and the conflicting reports that are coming out of the country. This is sad as some Anons are unknowingly supporting the dark forces at work in Ukraine. Members of Anonymous Ukraine are aware of the internal meddling by the United States NATO and the European Union into the internal sovereign affairs of Ukraine. Anonymous Ukraine supports peace and the right of the people to self determination. The Bandera Nazis and fascist thugs that are beating and killing police and members of the security services of Ukraine do not represent the will or the wishes of the people of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine do not want European Union integration. The people of Ukraine do not want NATO on their territory. The people of Ukraine voted for President Yanukovich to lead them in fair and just democratic elections. The people of Ukraine plea to the President and to Russia for help in stopping the siege of Ukraine by Nazi thugs and murderous gangs. The people of Ukraine do not want to see their beloved capital Kiev occupied by Nazi killers and burned to the ground. The people of Ukraine want their independence to be recognized and be allowed to determine their own fate without pressure from US NATO European Union. The people of Ukraine want peace and want the Bandera Nazis to be stopped once and for all. Anonymous Ukraine does not like nor support what is happening in Ukraine now. The so-called opposition is trying to tear Ukraine apart. Anonymous Ukraine has released the e-mails of one of the leaders of the so called opposition and will continue to expose the moves by the west to subvert the sovereign country of Ukraine. The e mails released by Anonymous prove that Vitaly Klichko is a puppet of the West and is being financed through intermediaries in Lithuania. The e mails also prove that Klitchko has bank accounts in Germany and is receiving funding for his coup d'état from the West. We will continue fighting these puppets. The western puppet opposition leaders will hurl Ukraine into chaos. We appeal to the president of our country. The people of Ukraine urge you. President Yanukovich to restore order and bring calm and stability and disperse the gangs of robbers and Nazis. Anonymous Ukraine will strike at all of the web resources of western hirelings and fascists. Anonymous Ukraine calls for Ukraine to be unified and independent. The government of Ukraine promoted the country's integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions despite the reluctance of Ukrainian people. Ukrainian citizens realize that signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union will lead to the collapse of Ukrainian economy in the near future. We express our support to the people of our country. We want Ukrainian government and EU leadership to understand that people of Ukraine do not want their country to become a raw material donor to Europe. Ukraine must be free. We do not want to be dependent on other countries or organizations. Ukrainian people do not need a speculative Association Agreement with the European Union. Ukraine does not need to be a part of Russia-led Eurasian customs union. We do not need to be servants of NATO. Ukraine does not need European Union. Ukraine does not need NATO. Ukraine should not be anybody's servant. We stand for independent Ukraine. We declare the continuation of Operation Independence. We will strike at the web resources of countries and organizations that pose a threat to freedom and independence of Ukraine!
Operation Independence continues… Expect us
We are Anonymous Ukraine.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.
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NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE LA NATO è FUORI gli USA devono essere puniti!! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! ] 8 May 2014 Ukraine buys 42 modernized armored personnel carriers gives four to security forces near Slavyansk. Forty-two modernized armored personnel carriers have been purchased for Ukraine's law enforcement agencies Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said. "We have purchased a total of 42 armored personnel carriers for Ukrainian security and defense needs" he said at a cabinet session in Kharkov on Wednesday.
Four of these new vehicles have already been transferred to one of the units involved in the Armed Forces operation near the city of Slavyansk Yatsenyuk said.
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NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE LA NATO è FUORI gli USA devono essere puniti!! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! ] den's lair 25 March 06:39
If this is true they will be brutal. This could be the spark that triggers the war. Don't do this Ukraine!!!!!!!
# nick baker 25 March 06:59
Nothing new.Everybody knows.
# Tom Simpson 25 March 08:13
Blackwater is nothing but a bunch of killers for hire! They were guilty of atrocities in Iraq but got off because the US ran the investigations. Dick Cheney is the likely person responsible for their presence in Ukraine. Cheney was kicked out or flunked out of Yale due to his drinking and poor grades. His wife Lynn Cheney gave him the once over ultimatum. "Sober up or ship out!" He sobered up long enough to be Gerald Ford's chief of staff before being appointed defense secretary under Bush Sr. When Bush Jr asked him to look for a VP he looked no further then in the mirror. He ran the show. Jr wasn't qualified to run anything so Cheney was the actual person in charge. He led the neo-cons drive into Iraq. He probably knew beforehand that the twin towers were going to be hit. Remember the code word to Air Force One was compromised and a msg was sent from an unknown source after the plane took off from Tampa with the frightened Bush Jr on it. So unless Al Qaeda had the code word and that is not possible someone in the Pentagon or in Dick Cheney's office sent the msg. Scooter Libby was Cheney's dirty trickster. Dirty Dick is a suspect. But 911 has been proven to be a British-Saudi operation. Cheney and Bush led the coverup of the facts and people involved. Proof of this is still locked up in the 28 classified pages of the joint congressional 911 report. Neo-cons were instrumental in the coup in Kiev too ala John McCain. Obama is aligned with them and not the Dems. Obama is a stooge of the British Queen although his actions are compatible with Cheneys. So it's no surprise that Blackwater or whatever they call themselves now is patrolling the streets of Eastern Ukraine armed and dangerous. Expect a Kristal Nacht if Obama is not impeached. To date Congress hasn't the heart or the guts to impeach him. But all it takes is one to get the ball rolling. Lets hope it happens before he starts WWIII.
# michael walsh 25 March 10:06
No one in the West should have their heads in the sand one minute longer. The European Union unelected and unaccountable to anyone but themselves are the Bolsheviks from hell. Wake up Western Europe. See Ukraine and know what the EU have in store for you.
# Maksim Tikhonov 25 March 10:08
It is a great mistake to do so. In the South-East of Ukraine live Russian people. The experience of the second world war showed that it will be bad for those who come to Russia with weapon. The great Russian commander Alexander Nevsky said "Who will come to us with a sword will perish by it." Russian partisans will defend the Motherland. Russia will not be able to look at the murder of a people and will go to bat for them. The one who hires mercenaries to suppress his people - the people's enemy and a traitor! History shows these traitors fully responsible for their actions. As an example may serve the murder of Oleksandr Muzychko leader of the "Right sector". Simple men came and calmed the bandit. Hey Xe-men! Be careful visiting Ukraine. It is a small sister of Russia!
# Nick Olson 25 March 15:50
Hiring foreign mercenaries to suppress protests is certainly not new. Mad King George hired Hessians to suppress the colonies during the war for independence; and they were crushed in Trenton by GW. This development is a glimpse into the illegitimate nature of the "government" that has been installed by another mad monarch- king barack. Personally I would rather have one Mikhail Surkov than the whole lot of the greystone whores; jus sayin
# Nyck 26 March 20:49
Another wave of American servicemen suicides coming up!
# Stuart Davies 27 March 01:14
That's really good news for US defense contractors another example of the excellent business model of taxpayers funds boosting jobs for Americans. So the CIA hires fascist goons in Ukraine to be their little proxy force to overthrow a corrupt but democratically elected government. Then their hired goons hire some of our goons to attempt to forestall the inevitable secession of Russian majority Ukrainian provinces. And just think of the bonanza for American defense contractors when this all succeeds in triggering WW III!! So exciting! Go Team Amerika! Fraydom ain't fray!
# Hoss Nelson 27 March 01:37
Where do I sign up?
# Frank Marion 28 March 20:47
I think this shows how weak these stooges are. They will not be able to hold onto their ill gotten gains with mercs. I think you folks will make it a little too hot for them to make a living killing Russians and Ukrainians!
# Jon Adams 29 March 02:07
Blackwater Mercs are a strong indication of the USA's internal DECAY.
# Will Hughe 29 March 03:48
this won't work WWI and WWII people actually believed they were fighting for freedom today they know they are fighting for a corporation that makes huge profits from their death through extortion insurance and stealing the resources... the thin veil between organized crime and government is being revealed more and more each day... And whose government is the most criminal today? Looks like time for another globalist Gang War to sort things out and make some money for the Vatican. Another Banking Loan extravaganza... People behind closed doors chomping down hard on cigars in smoke filled rooms must be rubbing their fat sausage like hands and salivating drool at the huge potential rewards to be made... if they can just figure out how to get a full out war started... ca ching ca ching!!! Jack pot!!!
# Frank Frivilous 1 April 07:23
This is a repeat of what happened in Ossetia Georgia a few years ago. Mercenaries are not known to die for their clients so I expect them to run when confronted by Russian troops leaving the Ukrainians to be slaughtered. Once again Putin has shown the world that Obama is nothing but a punk.
# TexTim 2 April 06:07
Putin makes me nervous. Obama does not. Both of them need to work on winning the hearts and minds of all people -- a tall order! I expect frequent public reality checks and less name calling. This is some serous business folks.
# Jean-Claude Meslin 3 April 15:48
America is bankrupt it has to support nearly a thousand military bases around the World; plus thousands of "collabos" China the Jews and the Arabs monarchs owe the US country. America single performing industry is the military. When you produce armaments and soldiers you must use them to have the possibility to replace them. This country is now obliged to create constant troubles all around the World to survive and keep her hegemony prosper. For Humanity this become increasingly dangerous. Something must be done. That is why I suggest for a long time: a total boycott of everything made in America (including citizen) the removal of the UN from New-York and the use all the modern communication's tools to inform the decent American people about what a tiny minority of his citizen plus their foreign collabos do for their misery and ours...It is the only peaceful way to act and prevent war...
# Stan Dinsmore 7 April 06:22
No doubt about it; they may have already been in place during Maidan rioting. This is common American Foreign Policy operandi. They are doing it in Venezeula as well; and are possibly in Syria If not they are in Jordan and Turkey advising Al Qaeda terrorists. Anywhere there is fire the USA are not far behind wanting to pour Gasoline on it.
# John Masters 10 April 03:00
This article is a bunch of baloney. There are no Greystone employees in Ukraine other than the ones individual oligarchs have hired in the past and may hire in the future for self-protection. And all employees who may be working in Ukraine would be current or former citizens of either Russia or Ukraine
# John Masters 10 April 03:03
And any of those will be persons who have spent years in either the Soviet or Russian military NOT the American military in Iraq or Afghanistan. So aside from the fact that no such persons work for the Ukraine government the Russians are most likely complaining about their own former soldiers who have done time defending their own homeland in the past.
# Martin Macdonald 18 April 09:52
When I visited Russia I heard nothing but modern songs all English-speaking and I saw t-shirts with English slogans. Every useful device Russians have has been invented and developed in western countries usually America. If you need to use a toilet you can go to McDonald's for free (scarcity of toilet facilities is a major complaint of Russians I have met). In the west we want to visit you more often and trade goods and services with you. We wish the same for Ukraine also. We want to have win-win relationships with you. Why all this silly talk of war invasion oppression? Calling us fascists is very insulting as many Americans Canadians Brits Poles Frenchmen etc.etc. died while fighting Hitler Mussolini And Tojo. We know Russia lost millions but we lost men and women also. Regardless that was nearly a century ago. Let's be friends. Let's stop encouraging suspicion and lies (as I see in most of these articles). Does Russia really need more land? Could she make room for the few people that want to go there? Your man Putin acts like another Napolean or worse. Don't encourage him.
# Kevin Quinn 26 April 22:16
If you can't trust your own military what makes anyboidy think they can trust somebody who's in it for the money? When the going gets tough they'll be gone. Dying for a dollar is the last thing they want to do. Dying for Ukraine? Even less.
# Adam Baum 27 April 14:59
Wow Bush and Chenny invested in a cash cow here that always wins them a jackpot.
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NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE LA NATO è FUORI gli USA devono essere puniti!! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! ] 25 March Ukrainian leadership to hire US mercenaries to suppress eastern regions. Private military company will be in charge of suppressing protest movements in Eastern Ukraine said a source in the country's Security Service. According to him the name of the company is Greystone Limited. According to a source cited by ITAR-TASS Ukrainian authorities believe that the Security Service is not able to suppress the protest mood and neutralize the leaders and activists of the pro-Russian movement in the eastern regions. In particular the source said the acting president Alexander Turchinov shares this opinion. "Therefore it was decided to attract foreign mercenaries who will serve as political police and state security protection " said the representative of the Security Service. He informed that the initiative to attract mercenaries belongs to oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Sergei Taruta appointed governors of Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions.
Not so long ago during a meeting with Turchinov a plan to stop the protest movements in the eastern regions was discussed. Kolomoysky noted: "why reinvent the wheel if there are real people who understand how and how much to pay" said the source.
According to publicly available information Greystone Limited is a structural part of Blackwater that was later renamed into Academi. According to military experts the company is associated with the CIA and the US Defense Department. Its employees participated in the war in Afghanistan after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003 the company has appeared in Iraq and became involved in training the new Iraqi armed forces and police as well as support of the occupation forces.
NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ] [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE QUESTA è GUERRA DI STERMINIO ED AGGRESSIONE LA NATO è FUORI gli USA devono essere puniti!! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! ] 8 May 2014 President Putin discusses Ukraine with Russia's Security Council. Russian President Vladimir Putin had an urgent meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council late on Wednesday presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov reported. "Participants in the meeting discussed the ongoing matters of international policy" he said noting that they had also debated in detail the current situation in Ukraine including in the context of talks between President Vladimir Putin and Swiss President and Chairperson-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Didier Burkhalter on the same day. In addition the president congratulated members of the Security Council on the forthcoming Victory Day. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Chief of Presidential Staff Sergei Ivanov speakers of both houses of parliament Valentina Matviyenko and Sergei Naryshkin Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev and his deputy Rashid Nurgaliyev Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov Foreign Intelligence Service Director Mikhail Fradkov and permanent member of the Russian Security Council Boris Gryzlov participated in the meeting. The Russian president held talks with OSCE chairperson-in-office in Moscow on Wednesday May 7. Burkhalter told reporters after the talks that the OSCE would propose a roadmap for the Ukrainian crisis settlement to all four parties which signed the Geneva accords soon. The document offers concrete steps including ceasefire de-escalation of tension establishment of a dialogue and elections. To resolve these talks the Russian president appealed to Kiev "to stop immediately all military and punitive operations in the South-East of Ukraine" which are not "a reliable way to settle all domestic political disputes" but on the contrary deteriorate a split.
"We believe that a direct dialogue between the Kiev authorities and representatives of the South-East of Ukraine is a key instrument for the settlement" Putin said after talks with Burkhalter. Meanwhile in his words the compulsory condition to begin a dialogue is to stop violence with use of armed forces and illegal armed units. At the same time Putin stated that Russia asked federalization supporters to delay a referendum from May 11 to a later date to provide conditions for establishing a dialogue. The Russian leader named presidential elections planned in Kiev as "a movement in the right direction." "However they [presidential elections] will settle nothing if all Ukrainian citizens will not understand how their rights will be guaranteed after these presidential elections" the Russian president added.
NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO I SATANISTI BUSH 322 KERRY [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ]
4 February Human-animal hybrids disasters in the making Scientists worldwide are creating bizarre human-animal hybrids that could wreak havoc on society. In the past ten years alone unforgettable advances in the field of genetic modifications have left researchers and on-lookers stunned. Nowadays it is possible for a couple of university-age students to concoct new life forms in the comfort of their own basement. Regrettably so laws have not been able to keep up with the pace at which scientists have been toying around with their creations. In turn the entities being created are not at all illegal but by all means could pose a risk to society by and large. There is no telling what may happen if these life forms are allowed to mate. Still eagerness can be seen in the eyes and minds of scientists on a global level just waiting to unleash their next creation to the world that all seemed liked fantasy just a short time ago.
To give a concrete example scientists have made mice with an artificial human chromosome "in every cell of their bodies". Such an act is being praised as a "breakthrough" which may lead to different cures for a wide scope of disease. As reported by University of Wisconsin researchers have had much success by transferring cells from human embryos into the brains of mice. These very cells began to grow and in time made the mice more intelligent.
The mice showed that they were able to solve a simple maze and learn conditioning signals at a more enhanced level than if compared to before their transformation. Critics are quick to question whether a practice of injecting parts of humans in animals carries more benefits than risks. Even now it is apparent that growing human organs inside of animals is not science fiction but pure reality. Japanese scientists have started using pigs to grow human organs inside of them. The entire growth process takes up to 12 months to complete. Their main goal is to add onto the amount of organs available for medical procedures according to an write up about the topic. However this is no basement operation as the Japanese government is figuring out guidelines for the embryonic research initiative. is quick to point out that once a human organ has begun to grow inside of a pig that pig is no longer 100 percent pig. If that can be said to be true then the human organ that grows inside of the pig cannot be perceived as 100 percent human after it developed inside of another animal. Recipients of such organs will be letting human-animal hybrid parts be put inside their bodies.
The consequences of creating such hybrids could pose a hazard to communities near and far. However the perhaps more unsettling part is realizing that it is not known what is to be predicted should the hybrids become uncontrollable.
What is even more daunting is that most countries do not have laws against creations of this kind leading people to produce these entities freely. Additionally no punishment is set in place should the living thing become a walking disaster.
It is believed that genetically tweaking animals to grow human parts is just another way of corrupting nature. Back in 2011 the Daily Mail reported on UK scientists creating "more than 150" human-animal hybrid embryos and very few readers got upset over this.
Other examples have been noted of in a Slate article such as packs of humanized-milk producing goats an anal sphincter being placed into a mouse and doctors constructing a human immune system made for animals. Still these are just the projects that are known about. There may be other experiments underway that are off the radar. Human-animals hybrids are possible but it leaves people debating on whether the benefits truly outweigh the risks involved.
Voice of Russia
NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO I SATANISTI BUSH 322 KERRY [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ]
8 May 2014 Ukrainian outdated army is not ready to protect its territory - analysts
The tensions in eastern Ukraine have put the spotlight on the nation's military and security forces. Some of Ukrainian top military and intelligence officials highly doubt that Ukraine's armed forces are ready to protect its territory. Analysts back up what several polls of Ukrainians show: there is little faith the troops are up to the task. Western estimates say the Ukrainian Defense Ministry controls between 70000 to 130000 men under arms. Stephen Blank an expert at the American Foreign Policy Council said Ukraine's armed forces are struggling. "The command and control at the top has been very shaky" he said. "There have been several defense ministers and heads of various forces since the new government came into power." Keir Giles head of the Conflict Studies Research Center in Oxford England said Ukraine has been trying to modernize its armed forces. "These are older types [of military hardware] they have an older manning system" Giles said. "Much less has changed for the Ukrainian military since the end of the Soviet Union." Experts say Ukraine is still tied to having a large Soviet-style army. Christopher Langton of Independent Conflict Research and Analysis in Britain says the Ukrainian military has also been shaken by reforms intended to make it a more professional force but which remain incomplete. "They have undergone major upheavals in recent years major reforms [but with] very inadequate financing of equipment programs and personnel reform programs" Langton says. "And they tried to end conscription but this was never achieved so there is still an element of conscription in the Ukrainian armed forces and this of course weakens the deployability of the army." Over the past five years the size of Ukraine's military force has shrunk from 245000 to 184000. By contrast Kiev has a history of delivering less money to its armed forces than budgeted. Its most elite units have deployed alongside NATO in international peacekeeping operations but the rest are underfunded and underequipped. Most of Ukraine's equipment is what it inherited when it declared independence from the Soviet Union more than two decades ago.
NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO I SATANISTI BUSH 322 KERRY [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ]
8 May 2014 Ukrainian acting PM promises pardon for gunmen who voluntarily lay down arms. Ukrainian acting Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk has reaffirmed that members of "illegal armed groups" voluntarily laying down their arms and vacating administrative buildings they have occupied may be pardoned.
"We have said clearly: those who lay down their arms those who vacate buildings and those who didn't commit grave crimes may be pardoned. And this possibility still remains in place" Yatsenyuk said at a government meeting in Kharkov on Wednesday.
At the same time Yatsenyuk insisted that those who shoot at civilians must be punished. "Those who have taken up arms and started shooting at peaceful civilians must receive punishment" he saID:
NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO I SATANISTI BUSH 322 KERRY [ EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE! [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH ]
8 May 2014 [ Donetsk protesters ready for fresh talks with Kiev despite doubts ]
The co-chairman of the "Donetsk People's Republic government" Denis Pushilin has announced that representatives of Ukraine's southeastern regions are ready to again engage in negotiations with the current authorities in Kiev and listen to what they have to say. "We have never rejected any talks. We have always been involved. But regrettably Kiev has always deceived us. It means that it [Kiev] has not implemented its agreements. Its signatures and words are worth nothing" Pushilin told the Rossiya 24 television station on Wednesday. The main goal of such negotiations would be to prevent any further bloodshed "because plenty of blood has already been spilled and the situation will continue to deteriorate in the absence of communication" he said. as reported by Interfax. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after a meeting with his Swiss counterpart and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Didier Burkhalter on Wednesday that Russia supported German Chancellor Angela Merkel's proposal to establish direct dialogue between the current Kiev administration and representatives of the southeastern regions of Ukraine by holding a roundtable meeting. "I have recently talked to the federal chancellor of Germany and Mrs. Merkel suggested holding a roundtable meeting. We back this idea we believe it's a good proposal and we will do everything to promote it" he said. Putin noted such dialogue should be direct full-fledged and equal. "Right sector" starts shooting at Prosecutor's building in Lugansk region Lugansk media also reports on the possible capture of a building by a group of more than 100 people. Activists who said that they were part of the "Right sector" started shooting the prosecutor's office building in Severodonetsk in Luhansk region reports UNIAN news agency citing the head of the Center for Military-Political Studies Dmitry Timciuc. "According to operational data "Information Resistance" group fired on the prosecutor's building at Severodonetsk at around 8.30 pm. ​​Unknown citizens who said that they were part of the "Right sector" <...> represent a group of provocateurs <...> of more than 100 people are responsible for shooting" UNIAN quotes. "Right sector" is an informal radical group that combines a number of activists from Ukrainian nationalist organizations. This militants group was actively involved in clashes with the police on the Maidan in Kiev in December 2013 until February 2014 during which over a hundred people got killed more than thousand were injured. Security Service of Ukraine detains Odessa unrest suspect The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said Wednesday it had detained a suspected organizer of last Friday's clashes in Odessa which turned into tragedy with dozens of people dead. "A 26-year-old local resident a member of a radical group was hiding in a rented apartment. He resorted to secrecy techniques to flee criminal responsibility: changed his appearance abstained from using communication devices and avoided going outside" the SBU said in a statement. The suspect is now being interrogated by investigators. The clashes in Odessa broke out last Friday between pro-federalization activists on one side and fans of the Odessa and Kharkiv football teams on the other joined by Euromaidan activists. Pro-Kiev radicals joined by Right Sector militia blocked the anti-government protesters in the House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire by hurling Molotov cocktails inside. At least 46 people died 48 went missing and 214 were injured according to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. The interim government in Kiev has been accused by Odessa officials of covering up the actual death toll of at least 116. Gov't officials seen as suspects in May 2 deadly riots in Odessa - acting prosecutor general Acting Ukrainian Prosecutor General Oleh Makhnitsky claims that some government officials were involved in what he described as a planned provocation in Odessa on May 2. "This was a planned and coordinated action" in which "public officials were involved among others" Makhnitsky said Interfax reports. He did not specify which officials he meant. Speaking in a televised interview on May 6 Makhnitsky said the events in Odessa on May 2 had been a planned action in which police officials were involved. "We can say already today that this was a planned action" Makhnitsky said. "We can talk today not only about [the police's] inaction but about their complicity" he said. The acting prosecutor general referred to videos and photos indicating that policemen did nothing to prevent the tragedy. "There was some design from the very start. There was collusion between policemen and the thugs" he said. At least 46 people were killed and over 200 others injured in mass riots and a fire at the House of Unions in the center of Odessa on May 2.
Read also: Police official charged with negligence in Odessa fatal clashes
Russia won't allow 'to sweep facts under the rug' on Odessa tragedy - Russian FM
Tragedy in Odessa is 'appearance of blatant fascism' - Russian FM Lavrov
Poroshenko dubs events in Odessa on May 2 terrorist attack
achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ]
27 febbraio NOI IL POPOLO SOVRANO CONTRO I SATANISTI BUSH 322 KERRY EUROPA TOGLITI DALLE PALLE! ] Occupati da sconosciuti il Parlamento e la sede del Governo di Crimea. Giovedi mattina in Crimea uomini armati sono entrati nel palazzo del Parlamento e del Governo locale e l'hanno occupato. Secondo il centro stampa ufficiale del Parlamento di Crimea degli sconosciuti hanno fatto irruzione nell'edificio rimosso la guardia e poi sono penetrati all'interno. Prima di entrare nel palazzo del parlamento hanno eretto una barricata di oggetti di uso quotidiano (pallet di legno bidoni della spazzatura ecc.). Il Parlamento è ora transennato dalla polizia.
Vicino al Consiglio dei ministri di Crimea vi è anche un gran numero di agenti delle forze dell'ordine. La polizia permette alla gente di avvicinarsi agli edifici occupati.
Da entrambi gli edifici svettano bandiere russe.
achtung nazi Merkel in nessun modo tu puoi mandare l'esercito contro il popolo! ma addirittura tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] 10 dicembre 2013 Putin sicuro continueranno i tentativi per sconvolgere l'equilibrio strategico nel mondo. I tentativi di violare o di "perturbare" l'equilibrio strategico nel mondo associati con il piano di allargamento della difesa missilistica degli Stati Uniti in Europa non si fermano ha affermato sicuro il presidente russo Vladimir Putin durante una riunione allargata al ministero della Difesa. I tentativi di violare o di "perturbare" l'equilibrio strategico nel mondo associati con il piano di allargamento della difesa missilistica degli Stati Uniti in Europa non si fermano ha affermato sicuro il presidente russo Vladimir Putin durante una riunione allargata al ministero della Difesa. Il presidente ha anche richiamato l'attenzione sul possibile peggioramento della situazione in Asia centrale a causa dell'imminente ritiro delle forze internazionali dall'Afghanistan. Secondo il capo di Stato russo il ritiro pianificato nel 2014 delle truppe internazionali dall'Afghanistan può complicare non solo la situazione in questo Paese ma anche creare "una zona di instabilità " significativa negli Stati dell'Asia centrale confinanti.
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I Russi sanno( la sua classe dirigente non solo Putin)che l'equilibrio strategico nel mondo non è statico ma dinamico come l'equilibrio in economia che non esiste seppure è stato studiato come modello di riferimento ed elaborare i presupposti di quello dinamico. Gli USA ma più in generale le istituzioni economiche privateprotette dagli Stati da cui provengono hanno bisogno di trovare lo spazio vitale per la loro crescita economica (ormai in stallo e lo dice anche il WTO)che è impedita ormai dai e nei paesi emergenti che non sono più colonie asservite a ricevere prodotti eccedenti i bisogni dei paesi produttori. Gli USA hanno composero che devono e dovranno; prima che le vengano a mancare le forze a "liberare" i territori del fu impero URSS prima che vi mettano le mani cinesi. Bisogna riconoscere che Putin ed i suoi consiglieri dovranno per ora impedire che gli Occidentali possano realizzare i loro progetti. Faccia come gli antichi dell'epoca classica greca e romana: promuova il dissidio fra gli alleati e raccoglierà le messi del duro lavoro diplomatico sotterraneo.
nazi Merkel tu stai uccidendo i russofoni senza avere un Governo di Unità NAzionale! [[ achtung nazi Merkel ]] zieht sich zurück SS Troika Schutzstaffeln nazi Truppen CIA Kiev NATO BILDENBERG 322 BUSH [IMMEDIATAMENTE! ] Mosca può adottare le misure necessarie per garantire la sua sicurezza se le forze militari della NATO aumenteranno presso i confini della Russia ha dichiarato l'inviato permanente presso l'Alleanza atlantica della Russia Alexandr Grushko. "La Russia è uscita dalla guerra fredda e non ha intenzione di ritornarci. Tuttavia nella nostra pianificazione militare terremo presente eventuali modifiche alla dislocazione delle forze NATO e prenderemo se necessario le misure adeguate per difendere gli interessi della nostra sicurezza"- ha detto Alexandr Grushko.
NATO ha un compito: "seminar zizzania" tra la Russia e gli alleati dell'Organizzazione del trattato di sicurezza collettiva (CSTO) e "dividerci l'uno dall'altro" ha dichiarato il vice ministro della Difesa della Russia Anatoly Antonov in un'intervista al quotidiano Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
Secondo lui "l'Alleanza Atlantica sta cercando di esercitare una pressione morale per convincere l'opinione pubblica che "i russi sono cattivi" rendendo così inevitabile l'orientamento verso la "democrazia europea".
Il vice ministro della Difesa ritiene che lo scenario ucraino sia un tentativo di realizzare il concetto di "esportazione della democrazia" o delle cosiddette "rivoluzioni colorate" che influenza negativamente la sicurezza regionale e mondiale.
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17 aprile 14:54
Putin non ha paura della NATO
Durante la "Linea diretta" di oggi ha posto una domanda al presidente russo Vladimir Putin il direttore generale della nuova agenzia di stampa russa Rossiya Segodnya Dmitry Kiselev.
Nel suo intervento ha espresso preoccupazioni per le attività della NATO.
Putin ha risposto di non aver paura.
"Dobbiamo valutare la situazione con razionalità. Quando la struttura di un blocco militare si avvicina verso i nostri confini solleva interrogativi e necessita di reazioni"- ha detto il capo di Stato russo.
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